Going To A Harry Styles Concert? Here Are HSLOT Outfit Ideas (2024)

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Going To A Harry Styles Concert? Here Are HSLOT Outfit Ideas (1)

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Harry Styles is currently on his Love On Tour and as I’ve been scrolling through TikTok, the outfits people are wearing are gorgeous, glamorous and incredible. Most of the people I have seen have concert looks out of VOGUE magazine, or like they’re headed to the MET Gala, or like they’ll be joining Harry himself on stage. It’s absolutely amazing. A part of this might be because this tour has been being rescheduled for two years due to the pandemic, so I think everyone has had a ton of time to create perfect outfits. We’ve had over 2 years, so the wheels have been spinning and the outfits have become more and more complex and awesome. As the concerts go on, I get more and more ideas for outfits you could wear to one of his concerts. Here are some HSLOT outfit ideas and inspiration for your tour date, whenever that rolls around!


Fringe is super in, whether it’s added to a jacket like this TikTok, on the arms of a sparkly star bodysuit, or on the sleeve of a long sleeve top. I’m personally obsessed with fringe so I’m so excited about all of these amazing fits. While fringe is often seen as very country, I’m loving the way these fans have turned it into a really flashy colorful affair. Fringe and tassels are no longer for the rodeo – Harry Styles has a hold on them now.



Nashville night one lets goooo #lot #lotoutfit #harrystyles ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

♬ phone ya ft. harry styles – 32miya

First of all, look at this dress! Amazing! Second of all, fruits are a go-to choice considering Harry has so many fruit references in his songs. Tastes like strawberry? Watermelon Sugar? Cherry? And now, Grapjuice? Easy! There are so many ways to incorporate fruit into your outfit, like wearing cherry earrings, painting a strawberry on a denim jacket, wearing watermelon themed pants! Here’s a cherry outfit I love. Harry will know exactly what you’re trying to do with your outfit when he sees you (good luck!)


Taking after Harry’s go-to look, many fans are rocking iconic pantsuit sets. Whether it’s a matching monochrome moment, or a sparkly pantsuit, it’s definitely a Harry Styles concert staple. I’ve seen so many amazing and gorgeous pantsuits pass me by on TikTok and I’m so inspired. Every single person who wears one looks incredible and like they could take over the entire world.


This one goes without saying. If you have a fun pair of pants, you’re all set to go. Harry himself usually rocks some awesome funky pants, so you can do the same thing. Try something like these color block jeans, these pink swirls, or velvet pants! All I’m saying is if you find the perfect pair of pants, you can build an entire outfit around them and look absolutely flawless. A lot of people are choosing bright neon colors like hot pink, lime green or orange.



ahhhsjskos manifesting harry to wear purple (again) lmao #hslotnashville #harrystyles

♬ phone ya ft. harry styles – 32miya

This one is another HS classic go-to. It truly doesn’t matter what your outfit looks like, when you throw on a boa, it’s going to change the game. Grab some inspo from this one and this one. You could combine any of the other outfit ideas with this one, because I promise you’ll see a sea of boas when you get to your concert. Harry will LOVE it.

What will you be wearing to Harry Styles Love On Tour? Did you like these hslot outfit ideas? Do you have any other ideas I forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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Going To A Harry Styles Concert? Here Are HSLOT Outfit Ideas (2024)
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