Do Trina and Andre stay together? (2024)

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What happened to Andre and Trina on Love Island?

We'll miss you, Trina & Andre! Andre selected Trina Njoroge, noting they had similar hearts. While she said she would give their connection a try, he seemingly immediately friend-zoned her. As a result, the others chose them as the least compatible couple, dumping them from the dating series two days before the finale.

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Which Love Island couples are still together 2022?

Ekin-Su Culculoglu and Davide Sanclimenti - together

Love Island 2022 winners Ekin-Su and Davide won series eight of the popular ITV2 dating show and are still together.

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Which couples are still together from Love Island season 3?

Only Jamie Jewitt and Camilla Thurlow are still together from Love Island series three.

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Is Bailey and Jeremy still together?

Bailey Marshall revealed that she and Jeremy Hershberg have ended their relationship after Love Island USA. Find out why Bailey and Jeremy broke up. Love Island USA star Bailey Marshall revealed that she and Jeremy Hershberg have officially broken up since leaving the villa.

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Are Shannon and Josh back together?

Nearly four months after Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair split, they have decided to give their whirlwind romance another shot.

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Is Cashay and Cinco still together?

Why did Cashay and Cinco break up? After Cashay was dumped in August 2021, Cinco picked her up from the airport, and the Season 3 stars continued to spend time together. They even rang in Cashay's 26th birthday together in January 2022.

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Who is the most successful couple from Love Island?

Perhaps the most famous couple to emerge from Love Island, Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are still together three years after their season ended.

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Has anyone from Love Island gotten married?

Nathan Massey and Cara de da Hoyde: STILL TOGETHER

The 2016 Love Island winners are now married and have two kids together - Freddie and Delilah.

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Is Paige Thorne still with Adam?

Adam later confirmed he and Paige are no longer together, telling The Sun: 'We're not together.

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Are Kyra and will back together?

Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada

Love you all." Us exclusively confirmed in June 2022 that the duo had rekindled their romance after they were spotted at a launch event for Distorted People's Spring 2022 collection. “They arrived together. They both dressed in the brand.

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Is Josh still with Shannon on Love Island?

Love Island USA alum Shannon St. Clair confirmed that she and Josh Goldstein are back together after breaking up in June 2022.

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Which love Islanders have broken up?

Scroll for your run-through of which Love Island pairings are still together now, and the ones that have split. Enjoy! Despite staying loyal during Casa Amor and coming runner-up during 2022's live final, Luca and Gemma announced their split in November 2022.

Do Trina and Andre stay together? (2024)
Is Jeremy with Florita?

However, Florita & Jeremy broke up. Florita Diaz revealed that she dated Love Island USA season 3 co-star Jeremy Hershberg after he broke up with Bailey Marshall, but they are no longer together. Jeremy came into the Love Island villa on day one and coupled up with Trina Njoroge upon first impressions.

Did Olivia and Korey stay together?

Korey found plenty of friendships and situationships, but it wasn't until the end of the season that he and Olivia actually settled in an actual romantic relationship and stayed together until the very end.

Are Aimee and Wes still together?

Aimee Flores has now officially confirmed that her relationship with Love Island USA season 3 co-star Wes Ogsbury is over, explaining in a lengthy post why she and Wes decided to break up. Neither Aimee nor Wes were brought into the Love Island villa as OG islanders.

Are Kyra and David still together?

The split was amicable, and we've both been coping in our own ways separately.

Are Courtney and Bryce still together?

Who is Courtney dating now? Courtney is now dating Bryce. She was paired with Bryce for a hot second in the Villa before the other girls dumped him for not going all-in on his relationship with Courtney.

What couples from Love Island Season 4 are still together?

One month later, only three couples are still together.
  • 3 couples from 'Love Island USA' Season 4 are still together.
  • Mady and Andy broke up.
  • Bella and Joel apparently aren't still together.
  • Kat and Jared aren't together anymore.
  • Bryce and Courtney have split.
  • Nadjha and Jeff are still working on things.
2 Oct 2022

Who is still together from Love Island season 8?

As such, it's no real shock that, like the rest of the Love Island Season 8 couples, Danica and Jamie are still together and going strong. Danica Taylor and Jamie Allen talk all things Love Island in their first interview together with OK!

Who is cash from Love Island dating?

Cashay 'Cash' Proudfoot and Melvin 'Cinco' Holland Jr.

After the pair reunited at the airport following her elimination, they've been spending time together at their homes, per various social media posts and Instagram Lives.

Are Cashay and Trina friends?

Reality TV stars Trina Njoroge and Cashay Proudfoot met on Love Island USA Season 3, where they became good friends.

Who became most famous after Love Island?

As proven, you don't need to win the show to make an impact on social media, but it does help. Of those that have won the show, these were the ones to garner the highest following count with Dani Dyer, daughter of actor Danny Dyer, taking the top spot in this category.

Who became the most famous from Love Island?

Top 50 most popular Love Island contestants on Instagram:
1Molly-Mae HagueSeason 5
2Tommy FurySeason 5
3Dani DyerSeason 4
4Maura HigginsSeason 5
46 more rows
5 Aug 2022

Who became famous from Love Island?

Davide Sanclimenti

Davide, also known as the 'Italian Stallion', has not only blossomed during his time in the villa, but on social media too. Having seen a dramatic increase in Instagram followers, 36,785.02% to be precise, Davide has also had quite the ride during his time on the reality dating show.

Which Love Island couple had a baby?

Olivia and Alex Bowen are the most recent Love Islanders to welcome their first baby together after six years together. They announced the birth of their baby boy on Instagram, revealing their son's name is Abel Jacob Bowen, and was born on June 10, 2022.

Are love Islanders allowed to sleep together?

Sleeping and bed-sharing rules on Love Island

Well, basically, the rules say that Islanders should share a bed with who they're coupled with - and who they're coupled with is just based on the fire-side ceremonies. As always - and as they've repeatedly done - Islanders are of course not forced to sleep anywhere.

Are any love Islanders together?

Cara and Nathan - Love Island 2016

Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey are the only Love Island winners still together in 2022. The couple won the second series in 2016 after coupling up on the first day.

Are Luca and Gemma still together?

“I would have liked to have had some time to process this privately but as you all already now know, Gemma and I made the mutual decision earlier today to go our separate ways.

Are Chloe Burrows and Toby still together?

“They have grown apart and there's no major hard feelings. Toby is currently staying with a friend while they work out what to do.” After reportedly splitting from Toby, Chloe jetted off to Morrocco with Millie and the pair documented their trip on social media.

Did Paige get back with Jacques?

LOVE Island star Paige Thorne has confirmed that she is not dating Jacques O'Neill after her bitter split with ex Adam Collard.

Is anyone from love island usa season 1 still together?

Relationship Status: Caro and Ray made their relationship official on their final date in Episode 21. And, despite snagging third place in the Season 1 finale, these lovebirds are still flying strong.

What race is Kyra from Love Island?

Kyra is of mixed African-American and Russian origin.

Who is Kyra from Love Island with now?

Love Island USA season 3 finalist Kyra Lizama announced she's now single, after weeks of rampant fan speculation over her relationship status with Will Moncada. Kyra and Will were ultimately named the runners-up to winners Korey Gamble and Olivia Kaiser, who also split recently.

Are Faye and Toby still together?

Faye and Teddy - TOGETHER

There was lots of drama when it came to Feddy, but life couldn't be sweeter outside the villa. The pair who came in third place as official boyfriend and girlfriend now live together and are said to be adopting a dog - cute!

What was the cause of Josh's sister's death?

A Massachusetts coroner's office confirmed exclusively to The Sun that Lindsey's cause of death is currently unknown, as her autopsy and toxicology results are pending.

Why did Slade leave the villa?

Slade decided to leave the show because of personal reasons. The reality star revealed that he had a family issue going on and could not continue with the show. Slade further admitted that he thought being with his family was more important than being on the show.

Do love Islanders dress themselves?

In the historic move, the Islanders get to choose and wear pre-worn garments to raise awareness of the damaging consequences of fast fashion, sparking a movement to embrace pre-loved clothes instead of wear it once and never again.

Do Islanders get drunk on Love Island?

In short: yes, they can drink, but not too much! It's true that things can get a little heated on the show—and that was certainly true among islanders of the line-up 2022—but producers have long had rules in place that mean excessive alcohol isn't to blame.

Do love Islanders get their hair cut?

Something's definitely afoot, and a few Love Island insiders have broken their silence on the subject recently, too. Season five's Lucy Donlan, for example, said in an interview with Capital FM, 'Every two or three weeks we'd have nails, hair, that kind of thing done. And we'd get a Maccies as well.

Did Korey sleep with Florita?

Korey did not have sex with Florita [Diaz].” “Korey did not cheat on me.” “There was an incident, I'm not going to say the girl's name because I don't want anyone to get hate.” “There was a girl from the show, in Miami, that Korey did have a sexual relationship with.”

Is Jeremy with Bailey or Florita?

Jeremy left 'Love Island' with Bailey Marshall; later ended things with her. Following her exit, Jeremy noted he still had feelings for Florita and preferred to continue their relationship. He ultimately moved on with Bailey Marshall, and they seemingly developed a fairly strong connection before the end of the show.

Where is cash and Cinco now?

Unfortunately, about five months into their long-distance romance, they broke up in January 2022 — and they didn't explain the situation. “I want to announce that Cinco and I are no longer together …,” Cashay wrote on her Instagram Stories.

Why did Shannon and Josh leave Love Island?

Josh and Shannon depart 'Love Island' after family tragedy

The couple — who had made their relationship official the previous day — entered the bedroom and announced that Josh's older sister, Lindsey, had passed away the previous night. “She was an unbelievable person.

Will and Kyra Love Island break up?

According to Kyra, the couple split and have begun “working through the stages of heartbreak and healing.” She also seemed to hint at Will's behavior in Mexico playing a role in their breakup before thanking her followers for their support. He also acknowledged their split and asked for privacy.

Are Cash and Kyra still together?

Kyra Green and Cashel Barnett: Split

Alas, they ended their relationship for good (at least for now?) in February 2020, with Cashel learning on the #NoFilter podcast that Kyra had unfollowed on him on social media.

Are Cinco and cash dating?

Love Island USA season 3 stars Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland Jr. had a strong connection while in the villa. Although they didn't leave together, the two continued seeing each other often after their time on the show concluded. Five months later, Cash seemingly revealed they are exclusively dating.

Are Jeremy and Bailey from Love Island still Together?

Bailey Marshall revealed that she and Jeremy Hershberg have ended their relationship after Love Island USA. Find out why Bailey and Jeremy broke up. Love Island USA star Bailey Marshall revealed that she and Jeremy Hershberg have officially broken up since leaving the villa.

Which Love Island 2022 couples are still together?

Another of fans' favourite Love Island couples, Dami and Indiyah are still together – and they're moving in! After starting off as mates while he got to know Amber Beckford and she was coupled up with Ikenna Ekwonna, when their respective partners were dumped they soon realised how well they actually got on.

What happened to Cinco and Trina on Love Island?

Cinco later ended his rocky relationship with Trina, 25, due to his persisting feelings for Cashay — and was subsequently dumped from the Island.

Are Charlie and Alana still together?

Alana Paolucci and Charlie Lynch

Alana later revealed via social media that the season 3 finalists were no longer together due to communication issues.

Is Cinco and Trina from Love Island still together?

Cinco did re-couple with Trina eventually, but their relationship didn't last very long. With so much back and forth between Cash, Trina, and Cinco, they ended up losing themselves in the villa and were subsequently eliminated one by one over the course of the season.

Do Tori and André get together?

Tandré is the pairing of Tori and André, (Tori and André). The relationship is sometimes referred to as Anori (André and Tori). They have been best friends since they first met in the Pilot.
General Information
Shipped CharactersTori Vega and André Harris
Length of Relationship2010-present
StatusBest Friends
4 more rows

Are Olivia and Cashay still friends?

He called Cashay "his girl" and confirmed that they are still close, yet Korey couldn't recall when was the last time they had spoken. Since Korey made himself clear about not getting back with Olivia, a fan asked if they were at least friends. "I have not talked to this girl in forever.

Did Cinco and cash ever get together?

One of the most intriguing stories to watch on “The Challenge: USA” was that of Cashay Proudfoot and Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr. They originally met on “Love Island” and then dated in the real world before eventually breaking up.

Did Cinco and Cashay get back together?

Unfortunately, about five months into their long-distance romance, they broke up in January 2022 — and they didn't explain the situation. “I want to announce that Cinco and I are no longer together …,” Cashay wrote on her Instagram Stories.

Are Josh and Shannon still together Love Island?

Shannon and Josh: Together

“We will always love and care for one another and remain friends, but unfortunately at this time we've made the decision to go our separate ways,” they added. “There is no bad blood between us, the people closest to us know we rarely had arguments.

Where is Florita from Love Island?

Florita Diaz is a 27-years old Bottle service worker from Miami, who took part in the third season of Love Island America.

Are Olivia and Korey still together?

Love Island season 3 winners Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser, as well as the season's runner-ups Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada, have both decided to go their separate ways.

Are Robbie and cat together?

Cat: Sure. Cabbie is the pairing of Cat Valentine and Robbie Shapiro (Ca/t and Ro/bbie).
Shipped CharactersCat Valentine and Robbie Shapiro
Length of Relationship2008-present (Friendship)
StatusVery Close Friends
5 more rows

Who is Andre's girlfriend in Victorious?

Tristin Mays (born June 10, 1990) is an American actress who played André's girlfriend, Sherry, in the episode Prom Wrecker.

Does Jade have a crush on Tori?

It is very clear that Jade prefers Tori over her sister Trina. Jade also gave Tori the idea for André's present in A Christmas Tori, thus helping André get an "A" for his assignment and giving Tori the limelight.

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