What did Nico Robin do to Franky? (2024)

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What was Robin doing to Franky?

With Luffy wishing to have Franky join them, Robin played a key role by crushing his genitals (via her Devil Fruit), as the pain created a cover for Franky to finally cry over his role in his mentor's death and to forgive himself.

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Why did Robin hate Franky in Chopper's Body?

Also, it is shown in the Punk Hazard Arc, when Law put Franky into Chopper's body, she was shown to be greatly displeased as Franky made very lewd faces and spoke while in Chopper's body, which she told him never to do either action ever.

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Why does Robin get mad at Franky?

So, the most times (not always) Robin is annoyed at Franky is when he is showing off his Robots (what she can't enjoy because of her gender, thanks Oda) or when he is not himself. In the end their teamwork and their respect for each other is strong and without a trace of hate.

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Who has a crush on Luffy?

Throughout his journey Luffy has made strong bonds with numerous women. At least two have fallen in love with him, Alvida and Hanco*ck, whilst another two have become enamoured with him, Rebecca and Shirahoshi.

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Who kissed Franky?

Dressrosa Saga

After she recognized him as one of the people on Donquixote Doflamingo's hit list, Franky gave her a hug. When Senor Pink charged in, Franky used a suplex move to smash her head against that of Senor Pink's, causing Kyuin to fly into a fury. Franky then shut her up by kissing her.

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Does Franky have a crush on Robin?

Like Sanji, Franky does find Robin attractive, complimenting her looks when they reunite after the timeskip. Robin helped the Straw Hats in convincing Franky to join them by grabbing him on the crotch, much to Franky's pain and displeasure.

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Who is Nico Robin's love interest?

Unlike Nami, there isn't an obvious love interest

In particular, her possible love interests include the likes of Luffy and Sanji.

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Who is Nami's love interest?

There's really no other place to start, is there? Nami and Sanji, the pairing the manga itself harps on most, as well as the one most fans talk about. Some are against it due to how big of a perv Sanji is and how he loves every woman he sees.

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Could Franky eat a Devil Fruit?

At Dressrosa, Luffy hinted that Franky might eat a Devil Fruit in the future when he asked him to eat the Mera Mera no Mi. Although Franky didn't eat the fruit that once belonged to Ace, he may get to eat one in the future.

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Why did Robin betray the straw hats?

All Robin wanted in life was friends that accepted her, and as soon as she finds that among the Straw Hat Pirates, she gives it all up in an effort to save them from being affiliated with her in the eyes of the World Government.

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What is Robin's weakness One Piece?

As strong as her abilities are, Robin's Devil Fruit does have some important weaknesses. The first and most significant is that any damage inflicted on a sprouted body part will also damage Robin herself, which makes her extremely vulnerable if she can't quickly dispatch the enemies she fights.

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Why does Franky not wear pants?

He wears an unbuttoned shirt because the various mechanical installments on his body are more accessible that way. At the same time, he avoids wearing trousers because of techniques such as Franky Centaur that would otherwise be impossible for him to use.

What did Nico Robin do to Franky? (2024)
Who has kissed Luffy?

He is often cuddled by Carrot since she joined him on his ship. None of the women have kissed Luffy, but the first to lock lips with him is Reiju when she gave him mouth-to-mouth. In the anime, Marguerite bathed an unconscious Luffy whilst still clothed, in the manga she is naked herself.

Who is Nami's husband?

Jong-hak Baek: Nami's Husband.

Who is Zoro's girlfriend?

Zoro x Hiyori

They shared intimate moments and Zoro might even find a sense of belongingness when he's with her. Throughout his tedious journey, Zoro met a lot of potential partners but the connection he seems to have with Hiyori seems special as Wanokuni has immense influence over Zoro's life.

Did Nico Robin touch Franky?

Nami just says Franky is a pervert, much like the townspeople were calling him. Robin, however, has an idea, and asks if she could get a little rough with him. Luffy did remember Iceburg telling him they might have to. With Luffy's consent, Robin uses Dos Fleur Grab to grab and squeeze Franky's testicl*s.

What gender is Franky?

Frank is a complicated character, having been described in series 5 as an "androgynous and super-intelligent" girl who acts "strange". She dresses in gender neutral clothing, wears her hair short and close-cropped and, although quite aloof, tends to be quite timid and low key.

Did iceberg forgive Franky?

Although Iceberg hasn't forgiven Franky for Tom's death, he's really glad that Franky's not dead like everyone believed. He shares the blueprints that Tom entrusted them with and asks Franky to leave the island forever and take the blueprints with him.

Does Franky marry Robin?

So, are Franky and Robin married? Sadly, no. Because we didn't see the wedding ceremony. By the pure definition of it, as our modern understanding goes, Franky and Robin are not married.

What is Robin's crush name?

By the spring of 1986, Robin was still patiently enduring Steve's rants about his complicated love life, while harboring a massive crush on Vickie, a fellow member of her school marching band.

Who is Sanji's wife?

Charlotte Pudding is a supporting character from the anime and manga series, One Piece. She is Charlotte Linlin's 76th child and 35th daughter, and one of Charlotte Linlin's favorite daughters. She was arranged by her mother and Vinsmoke Judge to marry the Straw Hat's cook and Judge's estranged son, Vinsmoke Sanji.

Why is Nico Robin so tall?

Robin's limbs are very long, especially her legs, contributing greatly to both her fighting capabilities (given the nature of her powers) and overall height.

Does Zoro have feelings for Nami?

Mutual trust - Zoro and Nami have established a great sense of mutual trust. Tsundere - Zoro has a heart of ice, as he does not show his emotions at all. Although he is characterized in this way, he cares a lot about Nami.

What is Nico Robin's race?

When asked by a fan what the nationalities of the members of the Straw Hat Pirates would be if One Piece was set in the real world, Oda replied that Robin would be Russian.

Did Nami have a crush on Vivi?

it's really easy to read nami's fast attachment to vivi as her developing a crush, but even if you don't, it's clear they hit it off very quickly just on account of being very compatible. throughout the whole alabasta saga we can see them just spending time together because they like each other.

Who will Luffy marry in One Piece?

It will be Boa Hanco*ck. It is kind of natural inclination for fans of all manga and anime to pair protagonist with main female lead and it is also logical; there are hundreds and thousands of clues available to support that cause.

Why are Franky's arms so big?

The arm below the skin is made of steel, so it is much more powerful. Franky's left arm in this form could fire explosive pellets at a rapid pace from his wrists (Weapons Left). He could also shoot a bullet from his finger with it. As BF37, Franky's arms are much more massive and purely robotic.

What fruit would Zoro have?

Oda has already mentioned that if Zoro were to have a Devil Fruit, he would have the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryuu. This Devil Fruit would instantly make him one of the strongest characters in the world of One Piece and given that he already possesses powerful Haki, he would be almost unstoppable.

Did Vivi eat a Devil Fruit?

The Daishou Daishou no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit eaten by Nefertari Vivi a month after the Straw Hats departed from Arabasta.

What is Nico Robin afraid of?

After the Long Ring Long Land Arc, she was confronted by Aokiji, one of the three Admirals. Aokiji frightened Robin as he revealed to the crew a little of her dark past, emphasizing that every organization she had joined has been wiped out, leaving her as the only survivor.

Is Robin the weakest straw hat?

After the events of Wano, Robin went on to be recognized as one of the strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates. She was given a bounty of 930 million berries which showcases her threat to the world government very well.

Why did Robin cry in One Piece?

Robin, moved by the depth of Luffy's action, cries out that she wants to live and wants to return to the sea with the Straw Hats. The rest of the Straw Hats then prepare to do battle with CP9 and save Robin.

Who is the strongest Robin ever?

Batman has trained many young heroes as Robin, and while they have all been impressive on their own, DC just confirmed that one stands above the others in terms of power: Damian Wayne is the most powerful Robin.

Who is the biggest enemy of Robin?

Robin's main rival and arch-enemy is the criminal mastermind Slade Wilson, even vowing to one day be the supervillain to justice.

Who is the strongest Robin physically?

Dick Grayson

Many fans will often rank Dick as the greatest fighter in the Bat-Family, surpassed only by Batman. Dick is also the best acrobat on Earth, famous for his speed, agility, and athleticism. Dick is a master in many martial arts techniques, combining them to create a style that best fits him.

Is Franky the weakest Straw Hat?

Franky is the shipwright of the Strawhat Pirates. Previously known by the alias of "Cutty Flam," he is a cyborg who joined the crew after the Enies Lobby arc. Most One Piece fans consider him to be the fifth strongest individual in the crew.

Can Franky eat food?

Franky's favorite foods are hamburgers, French fries, and stuff that goes with cola. Also, his favorite food from Wano Country is Tendon. His least favorite food is marshmallows because they are not hard enough. Franky does not eat ice cubes, the same as Zoro, Nami, and Sanji.

Is Franky pansexual Skins?

Grace has a party at her house, and once again Franky's sexuality is brought up. She states that she is not a lesbian nor a bisexual, but that she is interested in people, suggesting that she is pansexual.

Who did Luffy refuse to marry?

As far as canon story is concerned, Luffy won't marry Boa Hanco*ck.

Who is Luffy's girlfriend anime?

Monkey D. Luffy
Love Interest
Powers/SkillsElastic body; Superhuman strength, durability, speed, reflexes, stamina and agility
HobbyEating meat, looking for adventure
GoalsTo find the One Piece, become the King of the Pirates, protect his friends and loved ones
Love interestBoa Hanco*ck (Self-proclaimed wife)
7 more rows

Is Luffy from One Piece asexual?

No he is not asexual. Luffy falls into a complete different orientation: Pure of heart. Characters who are pure of heart have a child like innocence when it comes to sexual matters and the opposite sex.

Who tries to marry Nami?

In Thriller Bark, Nami is kidnapped by the zombie Absalom, who tries to force her to marry him. The crew's cook Sanji tries to rescue her, but Absalom incapacitates him and attempts to complete the wedding.

Did Hanco*ck marry Luffy?

Since Nyon cleared up the misunderstanding about marriage in general, Hanco*ck is very determined to marry Luffy someday. Even though he turned her proposal down, she still loves him and is not deterred at all.

Who is Nami's real mom?

Bell-mère was a former Marine and the adoptive mother of Nami and Nojiko, introduced in a flashback during the Arlong Park Arc. She raised the two girls for approximately nine years until she was murdered by Arlong.

Will Zoro marry Robin?

Will Zoro and Robin date? Oda has said there is no/will be no romance among the Straw Hats.

Who sleeps with Zoro?

Hiyori slept with Zoro because the weather was too cold. Zoro didn't realize it until Brook woke him up.

What is Zoro's gender?


Does Robin explain Haki to Franky?

Franky recognizes that Luffy is using Haki, and is amazed by the ability. Robin tells him that Busoshoku Haki is the ability to grab a Logia user in their intangible state. However, unlike seastone or the ocean, it does not nullify the ability.

Did Robin marry Franky?

So, are Franky and Robin married? Sadly, no. Because we didn't see the wedding ceremony.

What episode does Robin squeeze Franky?

Episode 322: Robin Grab Franky's Balls.

Why did Robin leave Straw Hats?

Nico Robin

She stayed with the crew until after the events of the Water Seven arc, when she was found out by the CP-9 and coerced to turn herself in to help the World Government read the Poneglyphs. She initially refused, but agreed to leave after the CP-9 threatened to launch a Buster Call against the Straw Hats.

Does Nico Robin like Franky?

At first glance, this seems like simple fan shipping between the two characters closest in age, but there has been some honest hint-dropping from Oda of the two being "more than close." In the most recent of Oda's beloved color spreads, Nico Robin is cupping the side of Franky's face, an act that can't be seen as ...

Will Robin awaken Haki?

None of Robin's attacks have been seen using Haki. Anytime she replicates limbs with her Hana Hana no Mi, she never applies the coating. Considering the dangerous situations that the Straw Hats get into, one would believe that Robin would use Hakii, and it's very likely that she hasn't learned it yet.

Did all the straw hats learn Haki?

However, as One Piece's narrative has progressed, so too have the mischievous sniper's abilities as a sharpshooter. Alongside Jinbe, Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy, Usopp is one of only five Straw Hat Pirates that has unlocked the ability to use Observation Haki.

Who does Franky love?

Ever since the Enies Lobby Arc, fans have sensed subtle romantic tension between Franky and Nico Robin. Though this isn't explored explicitly across the series, the two do have a consistent dynamic, as dark and serious girl and bright and silly boy.

What is Franky Devil Fruit?

Franky would receive the Arms Arms Fruit which would enable him to turn any part of his body into a weapon, fitting for a cyborg who can already turn parts of his body into weapons. Though most of these Devil Fruits make total sense, it still leaves the question of why Zoro and Sanji got such different Devil Fruits.

How old is Robin Franky?

One Piece Statistics Chart
Straw HatBirthdayAge
Tony Tony ChopperDecember 2415 17
Nico RobinFebruary 628 30
FrankyMarch 934 36
BrookApril 388 90
16 more rows
Jun 15, 2023

Is Franky stronger than Nico Robin?

General Franky pretty much seals the deal as the Strongest of the three both high durability, offensive power, sword technique and worst of all you don't wanna get hit with compressed air Cannon.

Who is the 11th Straw Hat?

But Yamato is confirmed to be the unofficial 11th member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

When did Robin betray the Straw Hats?

"Robin Betrayed! The Expectations of the World Government!" is the 269th episode of the One Piece anime.

Has Robin worn Luffy's hat?

Luffy has allowed other people to wear his hat. The most well-known example is Nami, but Usopp and Tama have also worn his hat as well. In addition, Nico Robin and Sweet Pea have also worn Luffy's straw hat without his permission.

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