What happens at the end of the maze runner? (2024)

What happens at the end of the maze runner?

Teresa helps Thomas on board, but the building caves in, causing Teresa to fall to her death. The group escapes with the rest of the Immunes to a safe haven, where the remaining population can live in safety and rebuild civilization. Thomas discovers that the pendant that Newt gave him had a note in it.

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What happens at the very end of Maze Runner?

Instead, Thomas and Teresa fight back, then Teresa helps Thomas flee with the Right Arm, sacrificing herself in the process. At the end of the film, it's revealed Thomas did escape with a vial of the cure.

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Why is Thomas's blood the cure?

In the movies, no. However, in the books his blood is not the cure to the Flare, it is merely that he is the “prime candidate” and that his brain has provided the best data that will be most helpful in creating a cure.

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Why did Thomas create the maze?

Thomas tells the Keepers that he and Teresa were manipulated into designing the Maze because they share the gift of telepathy. He convinces the others that he and Teresa are now in as much danger as them, but he knows the way out. Thomas tells them in order to escape, they have to jump through the Griever Hole.

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Who does Thomas end up with in the maze runner?

Brenda is a character who is first introduced in The Scorch Trials. Eventually, it is discovered that she is part of the group of Immunes. She becomes close to Thomas during The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure. It is confirmed that Brenda and Thomas get together.

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Who triggers the ending Maze Runner?

With Newt's help, Thomas manages to stop him. Alby then says it "wasn't really him", that someone was controlling his actions. Teresa wakes from her coma, and tells Thomas telepathically that she triggered the Ending.

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What does Thomas do at the end of Maze Runner?

After a quick run through of the maze, He kills Janson, a man he hates; and Teresa dies, someone who Thomas has mixed emotions for. After stepping through the flat trans, they end up in a peaceful world.

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How is Thomas immune in Maze Runner?

The disease eats away the minds of the afflicted until they turn into Cranks, zombie-like creatures that roam cities killing people until they're killed themselves. Fortunately for Thomas, he and most of his friends are Munies — immune to the Flare. That's why they've been put through the Maze and the Scorch trials.

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Did Thomas make the maze?

Thomas (books 1–3, 5, minor appearance in book 4) is one of the creators of the Maze along with Teresa Agnes, and later a Group A Glader in books 1–3.

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Is The Death Cure the last?

The Death Cure is a 2011 young adult dystopian science fiction novel written by American writer James Dashner and the third published in the Maze Runner series (the fifth and last in narrative order).

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What virus is in the maze runner?

Most of the post-apocalyptic chaos in The Maze Runner franchise results from the Flare Virus (aka VC321xb47), which goes through various stages.

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Who built the maze in Maze Runner?

Next came WICKED, who were looking for an answer. And then they found the perfect boy. The boy's name was Thomas, and Thomas built a maze.

What happens at the end of the maze runner? (2024)
Will there be Maze Runner 4?

The Maze Runner movie series has ended, but James Dashner has released prequels that would make future movies unlikely. The fourth and fifth Dashner novels focus on new characters and take place before the events of the Maze.

Do they get Minho back in the death cure?

Thomas, Newt, Gally, and Teresa all head toward the facility. Gally goes to find a serum and the immune children while the others go look for Minho. They find and free him, and they head to escape, but are found by Janson and several guards. Teresa helps the guys escape while she stays behind.

Did Teresa really love Thomas?

While the much-delayed Death Cure film offered a more romantic goodbye, it is highly probable that “the only thing Teresa ever cared for” might be Thomas himself. Given her intentions of saving the Gladers and fighting the virus, she might have cared for humanity's survival too.

Does Minho survive in the death cure?

Minho escapes with the other Immunes and lives in the paradise. It is mentioned that he took control of the group of Immunes.

Who survived in the maze runner?

So I've noticed that not a lot of people know that there were more than 4 gladers that survived (Thomas, Minho, frypan, Gally). So imma gonna do a death order. I won't include unnamed gladers and only named ones which were confirmed by either the movie itself, the actors or IMDB.

How does gally survive?

Sometime after being left behind in the WCKD lab by the Gladers, Gally is found still lying on the floor with the spear still in his chest by a crew, who, after discovering that he is immune to the Flare, pull the spear out of his chest and take him to the Last City to meet their leader, a Crank named Lawrence, who ...

Who was the woman at the end of Maze Runner?

In the epilogue of The Scorch Trials, Chancellor Ava Paige sends her associates a message about the Scorch Trials, Group A, and Group B. She states that not everything has gone as planned, but they have gained many of the desired patterns from the subjects' Killzones.

Why was Newt not immune?

In the books, Newt got infected at some point in The Scorch Trials, most likely as they made their way through the city and were exposed to the Flare for the first time. So in the beginning of The Death Cure, he would have already had it for about a month, which is why he got worse so quickly.

Do they ever find a cure in The Maze Runner?

Teresa finds the cure for The Flare. The Cure was the ultimate outcome of WICKED's goals. As the name suggests, it was what is hoped to be the treatment for the Flare virus.

Is Thomas immune to the flare?

After Thomas rescued the Immunes holed up in the Maze, they went through Chancellor Paige's Flat Trans and arrived at a paradise, where they are meant to live and repopulate the Earth, while the Flare-infected population dies off. The only known Gladers in Group A who are not immune were Newt, Winston, and Jackson.

How old is Thomas in The Maze Runner The Death Cure?

The books center on Thomas, a 16-year-old boy with no memory of life before the Maze, the friends he makes in the Glade, and their struggles to survive a series of deadly tests and overthrow the corporation running them.

Are The Maze Runner kids immune?

They found a bunch of kids who are immune to the virus. They discovered it's some chemical in the brain, produced by fear, that is responsible for the immunity. What's the point of the mazes in the Maze Runner series?

Why were the grievers created?

A Griever is a creature that lives in the Maze and comes out mainly after dark (but this is not always the case, as they have sometimes been known to come out in the daytime). Its purpose is to attack and kill Gladers who venture into the Maze.

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