What happens in the end of The Death Cure book? (2024)

What happens in the end of The Death Cure book?

They start a fight which ends when Thomas strangles Janson to death. However, Teresa also dies from falling debris to save Thomas's life. Fleeing the building, the Immunes escape through the Flat Trans that leads to a lush paradise.

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What did Thomas do at the end of death cure?

Instead, Thomas and Teresa fight back, then Teresa helps Thomas flee with the Right Arm, sacrificing herself in the process. At the end of the film, it's revealed Thomas did escape with a vial of the cure.

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What is the summary of The Death Cure book?

Concluding the Gladers' adventures following on from The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure sees Thomas, Minho and Newt take on WCKD one last time, as we find out more of the reasons behind their actions and whether the world and its survivors can find a cure to the disease that has taken over it.

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Who does Thomas end up with?

Eventually, it is discovered that she is part of the group of Immunes. She becomes close to Thomas during The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure. It is confirmed that Brenda and Thomas get together.

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Does Thomas get his memories back in The Death Cure book?

The trials have come to an end. The Gladers are given the chance to receive their memories back, and learn who's sadly not immune in their group. Thomas, Minho, and Newt refuse to undergo the memory procedure, and instead have the help of Brenda and Jorge to escape WICKED.

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What happened to Thomas at the end?

The movie ends with him, now fully healed, on an island with other escapees and immune children, where they plan on establishing a new society. The last shot is of him eyeing the boat they came on, holding the cure in his hand. Thomas survived the Maze, he survived the Scorch, and even helped destroy WCKD.

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Why is Thomas's blood the cure?

In the movies, no. However, in the books his blood is not the cure to the Flare, it is merely that he is the “prime candidate” and that his brain has provided the best data that will be most helpful in creating a cure.

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Is The Death Cure the last book?

The Death Cure: The Final Book in the Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner, Mark Deakins | 2940169875867 | Audiobook (Digital) | Barnes & Noble®

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Is Brenda immune to the flare?

In the book, Brenda tells Thomas that she is immune and that she was only acting in The Scorch. In the film, Brenda didn't work for WCKD so she, therefore, still has the Flare.

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Who was actually immune in Maze Runner?

So, how does this connect to The Maze Runner? Well, there were some kids who were immune to the Flare, which makes them special (the No. 1 character requirement for any YA hero). At the end of The Kill Order, Thomas and Teresa are two of those kids.

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Who has a crush on Thomas?

Thomas and Emily are on good terms and get along most of the time. Emily can be bossy to Thomas at times, which upsets him. They have a great relationship with each other. Emily may have a crush on Thomas and sometimes displays that in episodes.

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Why did Thomas create the maze?

Thomas tells the Keepers that he and Teresa were manipulated into designing the Maze because they share the gift of telepathy. He convinces the others that he and Teresa are now in as much danger as them, but he knows the way out. Thomas tells them in order to escape, they have to jump through the Griever Hole.

What happens in the end of The Death Cure book? (2024)
Do Thomas and Teresa kiss in the book?

Thomas and Teresa share several kisses during the story. Brenda kisses Thomas' cheek. She pulls his head toward her to try and kiss his lips, but he pulls away. Aris and Teresa share several kisses, which spark Thomas' jealousy.

Why does Wicked want Thomas?

WICKED feels the only way to get the last information they need to create a cure is to dissect Thomas' brain while he's still alive. The procedure, of course, will kill him, but his sacrifice will save the human race. His agreement is no longer an option. They will do the operation whether he wants it or not.

Does Minho survive in The Death Cure?

Minho escapes with the other Immunes and lives in the paradise. It is mentioned that he took control of the group of Immunes.

How does gally survive?

Sometime after being left behind in the WCKD lab by the Gladers, Gally is found still lying on the floor with the spear still in his chest by a crew, who, after discovering that he is immune to the Flare, pull the spear out of his chest and take him to the Last City to meet their leader, a Crank named Lawrence, who ...

Does Thomas marry again?

Throughout the fourth series, Lizzie and Thomas continue to have a sexual relationship. She loves Thomas despite the fact that he often treats her badly. Lizzie becomes pregnant and gives birth to their daughter Ruby. In Series 5, Lizzie and Thomas are married.

How old is Thomas in the Maze Runner death cure?

deleted user Oh, well, he may have had a flashback when he was 14, but in the Glade, when he first arrived to the Maze, he is 16.

What episode does Thomas reveal his identity?

"Regular Show" The Real Thomas (TV Episode 2014) - IMDb.

Why did Ava Paige fake her death?

Ava Paige is revealed to have faked her death as part of a ruse to escalate the successful test subjects to their next stage.

Did Thomas make the maze?

Thomas (books 1–3, 5, minor appearance in book 4) is one of the creators of the Maze along with Teresa Agnes, and later a Group A Glader in books 1–3.

Is Minho immune to the flare?

Powers. Disease Immunity: Minho was shown to be immune to the effects of the deadly Flare virus.

Is Maze Runner 4 coming out?

The Maze Runner movie series has ended, but James Dashner has released prequels that would make future movies unlikely. The fourth and fifth Dashner novels focus on new characters and take place before the events of the Maze.

Why was Newt not immune?

In the books, Newt got infected at some point in The Scorch Trials, most likely as they made their way through the city and were exposed to the Flare for the first time. So in the beginning of The Death Cure, he would have already had it for about a month, which is why he got worse so quickly.

Why did Teresa betray Thomas?

In the book, she betrays Thomas, because WCKD threatens her that they will kill him. So she does it to save him. In the Death Cure, Teresa tells Thomas that she only ever cared for him.

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