What is the max level in walking dead? (2024)

What is the max level in the walking dead game?

If you retire a survivor you do not lose the equipment it has on. To keep control over how fast players can advance in the game there is a cap on survivor level, thus a survivor has the maximum final level 20 (as of update 1.6).

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How do you ascend characters in walking dead?

To ascend a Silver Mythic, you need a copy of the Silver Mythic fighter at the same grade and another Silver Mythic fighter of the same trait. To ascend a Gold Mythic, you need 2 Silver Mythics of the same grade and of the same trait. To ascend a Gold Mythic to grade 5 you need a copy of the same Gold Mythic.

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Where is Clementine's cap?

Examine the ammo box near Danny to find a camera. It has no batteries, and Danny remarks that this is 'good'. Examine the floor of the tent to find Clementine's hat.

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Can 13 year olds play The Walking Dead?

Nevermind the extreme zombie gore and violence, some of the stuff the humans do to each other (looking at you Negan!) is pretty grim. Personally, I wouldn't want my kids to watch it until they're at least 15/16 yrs old. No ten year old needs to see heads bashed in or guts falling out. 5 people found this helpful.

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Can Walkers starve Walking Dead?

A: No, a walker would not starve to death, but the corpse would continue to rot so over months it would probably rot and fall apart.

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Who is the most skilled fighter in The Walking Dead?

Paul Rovia, otherwise known as Jesus, was arguably the most capable and skilled fighter The Walking Dead had seen. With a strong semblance of martial arts training, Jesus was incredibly agile, and that gave him a huge advantage against enemies who might have underestimated him due to his thin physicality.

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Who is the strongest in The Walking Dead game?

Anyone who has ever played Telltale's The Walking Dead video game series will agree that Clementine is one of the most strong-willed characters, if not THE strongest of all. Clementine basically had to grow up during a zombie apocalypse, and faster than most kids had to because of the conditions.

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Are Walkers undead?

Survivors on The Walking Dead have a ton of different names for the undead: walkers, biters, infected, empties, roamers, creepers, and so on.

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Can you save Clementine's leg?

that AJ managed to save Clem by amputating the wounded and bitten part of her leg, cauterizing the wound with the flint from the cave and a blade, killing off the walkers at the barn via sick ass 420 no scopes with his blade to their heads with himself on top of the wheelbarrow, then he covered Clem and himself with ...

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What characters crossed over from walking dead?

Do any of The Walking Dead shows crossover?
  • Lennie James as Morgan Jones – The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC. ...
  • Christine Evangelista as Sherry, Austin Amelio as Dwight – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC.
Mar 7, 2023

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Who was Clementine's love interest?

Alvin Jr. Violet is the determinant tritagonist of The Walking Dead - The Final Season and the former de-facto leader of Ericson's Boarding School. She is a possible love interest for Clementine.

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What does the D on Clementine's hat mean?

It's revealed in "From The Gallows" by Javier García that the D on the hat stands for a baseball team, but the name of the team is never revealed. Jake Rodkin revealed the D is the initial of Derek Sakai after they couldn't get the rights to use the UGA or Georgia Tech logos.

What is the max level in walking dead? (2024)
What is Clementine's real name?

Clementine is voice by Melissa Hutchison.

What age is Negan?

Early to Mid 50s ("Who Are You Now?")

What is the A or B in The Walking Dead?

“A” refers to test subjects and “B” refers to assets. Warning: this story contains spoilers for The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 Episode 7, [...]

How did The Walking Dead virus start?

According to “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” season two finale, the virus originated at a biomedical facility in France. Robert Kirkman purposefully withheld the origins of the TWD zombies when he wrote his comic book series, and he never even comes close to unraveling the mystery throughout the entire narrative.

Who is immune in walking dead?

Fear The Walking Dead: Morgan's Zombie Immunity Explained - IMDb. Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Andrew Chambliss explained Morgan was immune in The Walking Dead because of luck. Since his introduction in the first episode of The Walking Dead, Lennie James' Morgan has had quite the journey.

How long should a walker last?

Typically, a walker will last two to three years, so if you have one long-term, you may eventually need a repair.

Is there a cure for Walkers?

The Walking Dead added the twist of walkers becoming the fate of everyone, as even when you die, you turn. There has yet to be a definitive reason why this has happened. There is no cure. No one has proven to be immune after being bitten or dying.

How many levels are in The Walking Dead arcade game?

The game takes place at the West Georgia Correctional Facility from Season 3 and Season 4 of the TV series. It features a new group who must escape from the prison as a massive horde of zombies infests the buildings. The game is split up into 4 levels, which the player can choose as a starting point at the beginning.

How long is The Walking Dead game in total?

12½ Hours - 14½ Hours.

How long is the whole walking dead game?

41 Hours - 48 Hours

Play the series that revolutionized storytelling in games. The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series contains all 4 Seasons, 400 DAYS DLC, and The Walking Dead: Michonne.

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