Who is stronger than Kratos? (2024)

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Who is stronger than Kratos?

Other characters like Alucard, Ōnoki, Anos Voldigoad, Lelouch, Kaguya Otsutsuki, and many more possess unique abilities and powers that can disintegrate, immobilize, or overpower Kratos in combat.

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What God is stronger than Kratos?

What Greek god is stronger than Kratos? In mythology Zeus wins without question. Kratos is actually a relatively minor god in mythology, the son of a minor Titan (Pallas) and an Oceanid (Styx). He serves Zeus and is even overshadowed by his sister, Nike.

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Who could beat Kratos?

Here is a list of 15 characters that could overpower Kratos on the battlefield, and send him back to the depths of Hades.
  • 11 Conan The Barbarian - Age Of Conan.
  • 12 Enoch - El Shaddai Ascension Of The Metatron. ...
  • 13 Gene - Godhand. ...
  • 14 The Incredible Hulk - Ultimate Destruction. ...
  • 15 Dante - Devil May Cry. ...
May 3, 2017

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Who has defeated Kratos?

Who killed Kratos permanently? Zeus, however, weakens Kratos and tricks him into abandoning his godly powers into the Blade of Olympus, which Zeus uses to kill him.

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Who is the strongest opponent of Kratos?

Who was the enemy of Kratos? Ares was the original Greek god of war before he fell at the hands of Kratos during the events of the first God of War game. It was Ares' action that set the events of the series in motion when he tricked Kratos into killing his own family.

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Can Goku defeat Kratos?

Boomstick: the reality is that although Kratos has beaten gods and is a god himself , Goku is just simply too strong and is On a Whole different level , he's Beaten people who can destroy entire solar systems , something Kratos hasn't Gotten close too at all.

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Which god is most powerful?

Indra also called Śakra, the supreme god, is the first of the 33, followed by Agni.

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Who wins Kratos or Hulk?

First of Hulk is stronger, far stronger than Kratos having endured weight of a star and Hulk is also faster in reaction, having dodged mjolnir and caught speedsters.

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Has Kratos lost a fight?

That's his curse, to literally never die. The only way kratos has ever lost a fight was when Zeus the king of all gods had to drain Kratos of all his power back in God of war 2. And before people bring up Area in God of war 1. Everything changed when kratos opened up Pandora's box at the end.

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How old is Kratos?

In God of War Ragnarök, it's likely that Kratos is around 1,055 years old. He's something of an old man, but as a demigod, he is still more than young enough to hold his own and then some in battle. Unfortunately, this is based on maths and educated guesses.

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Who killed Kratos permanently?

Kratos then joined the Spartan army in Rhodes, intent on destruction. Zeus, however, weakens Kratos and tricks him into abandoning his godly powers into the Blade of Olympus, which Zeus uses to kill him.

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What is Kratos's body count?

We'll update this list in the future as Kratos kills more of Greek mythology's most important gods and people, which at current count is 23. Non-gods and nobodies that Kratos has killed is currently a 15 digit number. Please note that many of the videos in this feature are just a little bit incredibly violent.

Who is stronger than Kratos? (2024)
Why Kratos hates gods?

This is because, for a decade (10 years), Kratos had faithfully served the Olympian Gods, yet, he felt like they didn't care about him or respect him, despite him doing their bidding. Plus, he felt like he was just a pawn to be manipulated and would, ultimately, be killed off, once he's outlived his usefulness.

What is the hardest God of War?

1 God Of War Ragnarok (2022)

These are, without a doubt some of the strongest foes Kratos has ever faced, constantly pushing players to their limits. The hardest difficulty, “Give Me God of War,” is sure to accurately deliver the near-death experiences that come with being a god to the players.

Who is strongest in God of War?

Thor is so powerful that he managed to wipe out all of the giants from Jottanheim and has ravished the nine realms with the mighty Mjolnir. Thor battles Kratos twice in the game, and the legendary fights have the God of Thunder boastful of his power, and he seems unstoppable.

Who is the hardest boss in Ragnarok?

1 Gna, The Valkyrie Queen

Gna presents possibly the hardest challenge in God of War: Ragnarok and players will need to bring their a-game to this boss battle, considering it is only unlocked after the main game's story.

Can Saitama beat Goku?

The mere comparison of strength between the two characters is crazy. Goku is an extraterrestrial being who has to lose a fight in order to get stronger. Saitama is a man that can defeat any foe with a single punch. If the two of them were to face off in a one-on-one battle, Saitama would easily win.

Who would win full power Kratos or Goku?

Ultimately, in a battle between the two, deciding the winner would likely come down to whose universe the fight takes place. If Goku came to Kratos' World, it's almost certain that Kratos would inevitably find a way to take Goku's head as he does any other God.

Can Kratos beat Naruto?

Kratos is far stronger, more durable, has way better energy projection, an arsenal of magical weapons and is a more skilled warrior. Naruto is faster. Kratos 10/10. Naruto has no effective way of hurting Kratos and will eventually get tagged, either by the blades, or by attacks with great AoE.

Who was the 1st god?

Who is Brahma? Brahma is the first god in the Hindu triumvirate, or trimurti. The triumvirate consists of three gods who are responsible for the creation, upkeep and destruction of the world.

Who is the 3 most powerful god?

Supreme Trinity of the Universe The Gods of Creation, Preservation, and Destruction Para Brahman, the Supreme Being
Shiva (left), Vishnu (middle), and Brahma (right)
AffiliationBrahma (The Creator) Vishnu (The Preserver) Shiva (The Destroyer)
6 more rows

Who is supreme god in universe?

Brahma(ब्रह्म), God, paramātmā (परमात्मा), khudā (ख़ुदा), allāha (अल्लाह ) are all synonymous names for Supreme God, the Lord of the universe. The literal meaning of brahma is great or big. ​He is not only bigger than other big things, He is the biggest of all.

Can Kratos beat Black Panther?

Black Panther may be a beloved leader and effective combatant, but he would find himself woefully out of his league if he attempted to fight the God of War.

Who wins Kratos or Doom?

Doom Slayer would easily get the upper hand early on thanks to his range. His weapons can unleash Hell on Kratos, thanks to the sheer variety of ranged pain at his disposal. However, one wrong move and the Blades of Chaos could reach Doom Slayer, enabling Kratos to zoom in and unleash his devastating combos.

Can juggernaut beat Kratos?

Trion Juggernaut would crush Kratos with one hit and could quite possibly beat the entire God of War universe.

Is Kratos a full God?

Kratos' Backstory in God of War

While he wouldn't know it for most of his life, Kratos was a demigod as he is the son of Zeus, but he would later become a full-on god, the God of War to be precise, after killing Ares.

How tall is Kratos?

Kratos' Height

Early scripts listed him as 6 feet 6 inches tall, while recently, a Santa Monica Studio dev stated that Kratos is 7 feet 6 inches in the comic books and about 6 feet 4 inches in the game.

How much can Kratos lift?

What is Kratos's full power level? He's been able to take on an impact force of literally 1.6 trillion Newtons. He is able to lift at least 18.5 million tons. Well, it does make sense considering the fact that Kratos has literally killed nearly all of the Greek Gods, including Zeus, Hercules, and even the God of Death.

Does Kratos still age?

Kratos is not immortal, but the power he has from the gods means he is nearly impossible to kill and ages far slower than any normal person, which makes Kratos' age difficult to determine.

How old is Kratos in 2?

How long will Kratos live?

Is Kratos immortal? Yes, he is. Not only is he a god so he cannot die from age, but he also just refuses to die. Even when killed previously by Ares (GOW 1) and Zeus (GOW2), he destroys the hands of death and walks out of the underworld.

What is Kratos full name?

Initially, the name John Kratos was nothing more than a joke shared on Twitter by The Guardian's gaming editor, Keza MacDonald. But as is the case with so much internet content these days, it soon gained its own lifeforce, eventually leading to PlayStation canonising the name.

Is Atreus a god?

Still, they have their own set of setbacks along the way, most of them because Kratos tried to hide Atreus' divine ancestry as well as he could. In the end, Atreus learns the truth about himself. He is part god, part giant, and has another name, Loki.

What is Kratos's axe?

The Leviathan is a two-handed war axe that is Kratos' main offensive weapon in God of War.

What is Kratos's full power level?

When kratos unlocks the full power of hope, his power is limitless indefinitely. You can put anyone in front of him, anything, and he will come out victorious. The power of hope is a cosmic entity that predates the primordials. It is basically the phoenix force, but hope influences everything.

What is Kratos's fear?

Fear Factor. Kratos is afraid of being found by others who might know of his deeds. He's afraid of how his legacy will come to affect Atreus, his son, and he's afraid that if the boy knows his history, he'll despise him.

Why is Kratos killing every god?

The original God of War, Ares accepted service from Kratos in exchange for destroying his enemies. Under Ares, Kratos committed many violent acts and was eventually tricked into killing his family. This caused the Spartan to seek vengeance against the god, something that was encouraged by the other gods.

Did Kratos spare any gods?

Lesser Greek Gods Kratos Didn't Kill These more sensible Olympians are: Phobos, the god of fear; Circe, goddess of magic; Amphitrite, the Queen of the Sea; Triton, the god of the waves; Nike, god of victory. But there gods were not alone.

Why did Kratos turn bad?

But when his forces are overwhelmed in battle, Kratos pledges his life to Ares, the god of war, to turn the tide. Ares tricks Kratos into severing his last remaining connection to his humanity, his family, who Kratos slaughters in a blind rage while pillaging in the god's name.

Who is the biggest boss in God of War?

Cronos is the largest being Kratos has ever taken down. The titan is so big that he's not just the boss, but he is the level itself. You are climbing all over his body like it's a moving castle.

Which is harder God of War 1 or 2?

GoW2 is generally less difficult and WAY less tedious than the first game. I'm pretty confident that's the opposite of what the GoW community would say. Platforming wise, yes 1 had more difficult Platforming sections but Battle wise 2 is WAY harder, the only hard fight in 1 was the Clone fight.

Is God of War easy to beat?

Is God of War easy or hard? Yes it is. God of War 2018 is really hard on 'Give me a challenge' difficulty. Not absolutely punishing as the usual 'Hard' games like Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden, but it is a challenge nonetheless.

Who is the weakest god of destruction?

12 Iwan (Universe 1)

Audiences can definitely assume that he's the weakest God of Destruction out of everyone based simply on how unimportant he actually is. There's always a chance that he may display his strength in an upcoming arc... but the chances of this happening are slim to none.

Did Kratos get weaker?

This was confirmed by the game developers. Kratos in the Norse saga appears weaker for a couple of reasons. #1 - Kratos lost all of his Greek magic when he destroyed his homeland and sailed away. So his magic died with Olympus or was left behind when he sailed away.

Who is the easiest Berserker to beat God of War: Ragnarok?

HarÄ. refill is definitely the easiest of the Berserker boss battles and if players haven't sought them out on their own yet, this will likely be the first Berserker boss they stumbled upon. HarÄ. refill doesn't have anything that's difficult to read and most of his attacks can be parried easily.

Who is the final boss in Ragnarok?

Odin, the main antagonist of God of War: Ragnarok, is the final boss in the game's main story, making the fight against him one of the best.

Who is stronger Zeus or Odin?

While Zeus is by no means a pushover, unless he has some immensely powerful tricks up his sleeve in Thor: Love and Thunder, it appears that the MCU's Odin is still the strongest god on the cosmic block.

Can Kratos beat all the Greek gods?

However, Kratos did not kill all the gods, and there are close to a dozen Olympians that managed to survive Kratos' path of destruction.

Why is Kratos stronger than every God?

At the end of God of War III, it turned out the reason why Kratos had been able to do away with the Gods without Pandora's Box's powers was because he had had the main power of hope within him since opening the box in the original God of War. This allowed him to withstand the final tactic Zeus had.

Can Odin beat Thanos?

He has feats such as defeating Surtur (who can destroy a planet), conquering the 9 realms, and sealing away Hela. While there isn't much doubt that Thanos could beat Odin if he had all 6 stones, Odin could probably defeat Thanos if he only had one or two of them.

Can Thor beat Zeus?

Zeus. It should come as no surprise that, in a one-on-one battle of Zeus vs Thor, Zeus would easily triumph.

Can Zeus beat Thanos?

On a normal day, Zeus would wreck Thanos, but he is never winning while Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos using it makes him the strongest being in the Marvel universe. To recap, Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet killed half the living things in the universe with a thought.

Who killed the God of War?

Kratos Killed Ares, The Original Greek God Of War

In an effort to make Kratos into the perfect soldier, Ares tricks him into killing his own family, causing Kratos - who can't be killed off in GoW's - to break with Ares and seek revenge. Kratos finds Pandora's Box, enabling him to kill Ares.

Is Kratos a real god?

In Greek mythology, Kratos, also known as Cratus or Cratos, is the divine personification of strength. He is the son of Pallas and Styx. Kratos and his siblings Nike ('Victory'), Bia ('Force'), and Zelus ('Glory') are all the personification of a specific trait.

Can Kratos beat Avengers?

It's entirely possible. The only questionable opponents would be Thor and Hulk, everyone else is doable. He won't be able to beat thor or hulk.

Can Kratos beat Sasuke?

Kratos wins by a landslide.

Despite what people think, Hagoromo (sage of six paths) was considered a god in the ninja world. He wasn't a real god…..he was just more powerful than most. Sasuke has half of Hagoromos powers so he's basically an half god, compared to the rest of ninja world.

Could Kratos beat the flash?

Kratos cannot withstand a hit from nor leave a scratch on Wally, who has been shown to deal damage with brute force to and take hits from Superman-level beings like Mongul, Hal Jordan, Ultraman and Superman himself.

What is Kratos's weakness?

It was mentioned earlier that Kratos was vulnerable to intangible things like the Furies' illusions. If he can't physically attack something, he's left at a disadvantage, logically enough. The same is true of mind control. The most notable example of this is Zeus' use of the power in God of War III.

Can Kratos lift the earth?

He directly said that he can lift the world like Atlas but struggles with a chest and we just have to accept that in the context of the game.

Can Kratos beat Thanos?

Thanos was an incredibly powerful being and the most feared villain of the MCU, but he was surpassed by Kratos in terms of ability, weapons, speed, agility and even strength.

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