Why does Lori hate Rick? (2024)

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Why does Lori hate Rick?

At the end of season 2 (in the season finale), we see that Lori is mad at Rick when he confesses to having killed Shane. He tries to explain that he had to kill Shane for the sake of the group.

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Why does Lori get mad at Rick?

"Lori's fear is that in killing Shane, Rick became Shane and that he's turned into a man who's not a humane, compassionate person but somebody who is now somewhat cold and bloodthirsty," Callies says.

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Why did Lori cheat on Rick?

In the concluding sequence of the episode, Lori admits to Rick that she had an affair with Shane in the belief that her husband was dead. Kirkman stated that the writers wanted to "wrap up to a certain extent", and opined that such revelations would add more tension between the characters.

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Why is Lori hated in The Walking Dead?

She was not a good person. She manipulated both Rick and Shane, which ended up causing Shane to attempt to kill Rick who killed Shane instead. She couldn't keep Carl in the house … didn't pay attention to him.

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Was Lori's baby Rick's?

Comic series

Judith is the daughter of Lori Grimes and possibly Rick Grimes, and the younger sister of Carl Grimes. Judith's biological father could be either Rick or Shane, but Rick told Lori that he did not care if she was Shane's daughter because he will still love her as his daughter.

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Did Rick no longer love Lori?

Rick spoke with "Lori" and told her that he still loved her and had promised himself to keep her alive and fix things.

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Who calls Rick after Lori dies?

Prison. Rick, still trying to cope with the death of his wife, Lori, after childbirth, is alone in the prison boiler room where she had died when the phone rings. He answers it to hear the voice of Amy telling him she is in a safe place and will call back later.

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Is Lori's child Rick's or Shane's?

Yes, Rick has known all along that his daughter with Lori actually belonged to his best friend Shane.

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Does Rick go crazy after Lori dies?

Rick loses his sanity after learning of the death of Lori and begins to have hallucinations: having conversations with deceased people over the phone, seeing Shane as one of the Woodbury guards, and seeing hallucinations of Lori in her wedding dress and her previous clothing before her death.

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Why was Rick sad when Lori died?

But despite the initial rough patch, Rick was committed to Lori and her unexpected pregnancy up until her devastating death in Season 3 after giving birth to a daughter. Her death left Rick an emotional wreck, knowing his son Carl was now without a mother and he would have to raise the little girl he knew wasn't his.

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Was Shane really a bad guy?

Shane Walsh is the first primary antagonist in both the Comic Series and the TV series. He is also the first major primary antagonist in the TV Series, the second being The Governor, the third being Gareth, and the fourth being Negan.

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Did Lori become a zombie?

Carl did put down Lori after she died, in order to prevent her from becoming a “walker”. It was only later when Rick returned to the spot in the prison where she had died, when he found that her body was gone, and apparently entirely consumed by the “fat walker”.

Why does Lori hate Rick? (2024)
Does Rick forgive Lori?

Rick Blamed Lori For His Falling Out With Shane

Moreover, Rick was later beside himself with grief when Lori died because he never got to reconcile with her.

Why did the Walker eat Lori?

Essentially, showrunners decided that having Lori be eaten by a walker was a more palatable ending than her turning into a walker on her own.

Who is the annoying little girl in TWD?

Lizzie Samuels

Lizzie is a complicated character for fans to decipher, as the child very clearly struggled with mental illnesses that simply could not be remedied in a post-apocalyptic world.

Was Michonne pregnant when Rick died?

In the six years following his disappearance, it is revealed that Michonne has assumed leadership over the Alexandria community and was pregnant at the time of Rick's supposed demise; she is now a parent to Rick's daughter Judith (Cailey Fleming), as well as their own child together, Rick Jr.

Who impregnated Lori in walking dead?

Lori Grimes became pregnant with Shane Walsh's child at the start of the apocalypse. She later gave birth to a daughter, Judith. However, both Lori and Judith are killed by Lilly Caul on the orders of The Governor. Maggie Greene becomes pregnant with Glenn's child.

How old was Judith when Rick died?

A six-year time jump in the middle of season 9 boosted her to nine years old, and by the time the show signed off with season 11's "Rest in Peace," Judith is approximately 11 or 12 years old. She also has a little brother, Rick Grimes Jr. (aka RJ), the result of Rick Grimes Sr.

Did Carl actually shoot Lori?

Carl Kills Lori (Season 3, Episode 4)

While in labor at the prison, Lori bravely tells Carl to watch over Rick and the baby. Maggie then performs an emergency C-section, which kills Lori but saves baby Judith. Carl then does what needs to be done – put his mother down once and for all before she turns.

Who does Rick love the most?

Unity. Out of all of Rick's love interests throughout Rick and Morty, Unity is the one who matches his wit and power.

Is Rick hallucinating about Lori?

Rick Grimes has a strong history of hallucinating, often about those he has lost during the apocalypse. After his wife Lori is killed in a walker attack, Rick begins to lose his sanity and begins to see her everywhere, and has conversations with her, Amy, Jim, and Jacqui through an unplugged phone.

Who kills Merle?

At the meeting spot, Daryl arrives and clears out a few remaining walkers before coming across a reanimated Merle. Daryl cries at his loss, and as the walker approaches him, Daryl slams it to the ground and stabs Merle in the face several times.

Does Rick know Lori's baby is Shane's?

For the first time, Rick admitted he knew that Judith was, in fact, not his child, but was rather fathered by his former best friend and partner Shane (whom Rick then killed… before Carl killed zombie Shane).

How long was Rick in a coma before he found Lori?

Well, the answer to that question is that Rick was in a coma for about four to five weeks. In the pilot episode of the show, we see Rick, a sheriff's deputy, getting shot while on duty. He is then taken to the hospital, where he slips into a coma.

Is Shane's baby Walking Dead?

Judith Grimes, also known as "Judy", is a character first encountered in Issue 39 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. She is the newborn daughter of Lori Grimes and Shane Walsh, the half-sister of Carl, and the adoptive daughter of Rick.

Why didn t Judith tells Daryl about Rick?

She can't imagine losing Daryl or anyone else, and so she keeps the truth about Michonne's new mission to herself. Another reason why Judith is reluctant to tell Daryl about Rick possibly being alive is that she may not want to give him or anyone a false sense of hope.

Is Judith immune to Walker bites?

Ross Marquand believes there's "a lot of viability" to theories Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming) is the first survivor on The Walking Dead immune to the global virus that turns the dead into flesh-hungry walkers.

What mental illness does Daryl Dixon have?

Daryl Dixon goes through a quick but severe state of depression after finding his brother Merle as a walker and having to put him out of his misery.

What mental illness does Rick Grimes have?

When some people experience great feelings of stress and grief, they can begin to see things that aren't there. In some cases, this can be the result of schizophrenia, which Rick may suffer from to some degree.

Did Shane assault Lori?

During the night, Shane gets drunk and attempts to rape Lori, but she fights back. The group learns that the CDC is running on emergency power, and will be destroyed when the fuel runs out as a means to destroy the infectious samples, and they are forced to flee just before that happens.

Why does Carl hate Lori?

Lori and Rick were not doing well right before the entire zombie apocalypse went down. She had grown distant from him, lamented the state of their relationship, and didn't seem very interested in making things work. His level of frustration with her behavior suggests that she shut him out of bedroom activity.

Does Carl have a crush on Beth?

They finally enter the prison and choose a cell to sleep in for the night. It is shown that Carl may have a small crush on Beth as he is planning to share a room with Beth, but Hershel arrived and Carl left the room. Later, Beth stays behind with Carol, Lori, and Carl while the others go and search for the cafeteria.

Does Rick regret killing Shane?

Rick regrets killing Shane, apologizing to him during a hallucination as he bleeds out. Negan displays signs of remorse for killing Glenn and Abraham years after their deaths, throwing up after stumbling upon the spot and remembering what he did.

Who has killed the most zombies in The Walking Dead?

Negan - Kill Count: 265

Negan has the highest kill count of all the villains, accumulating to almost 300 deaths - including the infamous murders of Abraham and Glenn in Season 7 - and it's only expected to rise in his upcoming spin-off Dead City.

Why did Shane turn after Rick killed him?

If bitten, they will turn to a zombie unless the sustain a head blow; then they will become a corpse. Shane, just like everyone else, has the virus in him. When he gets stabbed by Rick, he rises as a zombie because no trauma was dealt to his head. Once shot in the head he is a corpse.

Why did Lori get pregnant?

She had sex with Shane and got pregnant. They were clearly intimate outside of Atlanta, her gloming onto the man she knew and trusted who was protecting her and her son.

What happens to Lori's baby?

The Walking Dead – Judith

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) performed a c-section to remove the child, and Lori's son Carl (Chandler Riggs) was the one to put his mother down so she wouldn't reanimate. It was a devastating scene and one of the most brutal deaths in the series.

Does Beth turn into a zombie?

She has officially turned into a mindless bloodthirsty zombie, having eaten Maury which led to Geenie tying her to the stove. Zach convinces Geenie to let him take Beth with him. He tells her they're going on a hike.

What was the worst thing Rick Grimes did?

'The Walking Dead': The 10 Dumbest Decisions Rick Grimes Ever Made
  1. 1 Going To The Bridge Alone.
  2. 2 Not Killing Negan. ...
  3. 3 Killing The Saviors. ...
  4. 4 Pointing a Gun At Alexandria. ...
  5. 5 Never Contacting Morgan. ...
  6. 6 Going Rogue at Terminus. ...
  7. 7 Kicking Out Carol. ...
  8. 8 Following Shane Into the Woods. ...
Feb 15, 2023

Does Lori know Rick killed Shane?

Now fast forward to the end of that season where Rick reveals the Lori that he killed Shane on the episode before because he led Rick out there just to kill him. Upon hearing this Lori completely acts devastated and hurtful towards Rick and it all comes to a head when he says that Carl put him down after he came back.

What were Lori's last words?

In the Killer Within episode of The Walking Dead Season 3, Lori used her last breathes to tell Carl to "do what's right." "You are smart, and you are strong and you are so brave," Lori said. "And I love you. You gotta do what's right.

How long did Lori think Rick was dead?

So basically, Lori took like 2 - 3 days mourning for Rick's death, then start banging on Shane?

Who did Lori love in The Walking Dead?

Created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, the character made her debut in The Walking Dead #2 in 2003. In both forms of media, she is married to Rick Grimes. They have two children Carl and Judith. The character escapes the zombie apocalypse with Carl, and Rick's partner Shane Walsh.

Who is the biggest villain in TWD?

The Walking Dead: Best Villains in the Series, Ranked
  • 8 Dawn.
  • 7 The Wolves.
  • 6 Gareth / Terminus.
  • 5 Shane.
  • 4 Merle.
  • 3 The Governor.
  • 2 Alpha, Beta & The Whisperers.
  • 1 Negan.
Nov 16, 2022

Who is the prettiest girl in The Walking Dead?

1 Maggie Greene Maggie Greene is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Lauren Cohan in the American television series of the same name. I love Maggie. She's so pretty.

Does Lori Grimes love Rick?

In high school, Lori met Rick Grimes, a fellow student. She also became friends with Rick's best friend, Shane Walsh. Eventually, Lori and Rick fell in love with each other and became married. Together, they had a son named Carl.

What happened to Lori's body?

Greg Nicotero Confirmed Lori Was Eaten By The Bloated Walker

When Rick entered the boiler room, he followed a trail of blood leading him to an extremely bloated Walking Dead walker. There was an insinuation that the walker dragged Lori's body before indulging in its entirety.

Was Shane always in love with Lori?

Shane's love for Lori and the hopelessness of the new world drove him insane. It was always going to be him or Rick in the end. Shane was obsessed with Lori, even more so than Rick.

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